The Pourquoi Pas?

The “Pourquoi Pas? » is the newest offshore vessel of the French Oceanographic Fleet. With a length of 107 meters, it can accommodate up to 40 scientists and is a platform of choice for the deployment of heavy equipment such as the Nautile. The crew, made up of sailors, technicians and engineers from GENAVIR, is specialized in the operation of research vessels, which makes sea operations very efficient. All the specifications of the ship are described on the page dedicated to it on the website of the French Oceanographic Fleet, here.

A blog, dedicated mainly to the young public, details the living conditions on board and the crew onboard for SMARTIES. You will find photographs and articles describing the activities of the teams of the deck, the bridge, the machine, the kitchen … Click here to visit it.

The Pourquoi Pas? at Mindelo Photo by C. Hamelin © Ifremer

By M. Maia